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Wow, I have been a terrible blogger lately. I really need to update more often. I've been busy revising and preparing for the exams i...

Wow, I have been a terrible blogger lately. I really need to update more often. I've been busy revising and preparing for the exams in June, combined with birthday celebrations and - gotta be honest - lazy nights. I promise I'm working on new blog posts, I just haven't had the time to finish them; will do the best I can to update more often, pinky swear.

On those lazy nights my favourite things are to do a manicure or munch on some pizza while discovering new TV series. I can get so hooked up on a show, sometimes I'll watch 4 episodes in one night (that's bad, I know). I've watched some amazing TV shows in the past 6 months, so I thought I'd introduce my top 5 to you.

How I Met Your Mother
Most of you will have heard of or seen How I Met Your Mother before. Ted Mosby tells his teenage kids the story of how he met their mother. We get to follow him and his 4 best friends on the search for the woman of his dreams.

Although I loved How I Met Your Mother, I felt like the last season bored me a little. It had beautiful parts, but most of it was a bit unnecessary for me. And then the final episode kind of ruined it… Anyway, that’s just my thoughts. I don't mean to sound negative, because How I Met Your Mother is hilarious and has made me laugh tears, it’s 100% worth watching!

Orange Is The New Black 
Orange Is The New Black tells the story of Piper Chapman, a woman living in New York who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after transporting drug money for her former girlfriend. Ten years after the facts, she is convicted and sent to the fictional Litchfield, where she has to deal with the guards, her fellow inmates and as it turns out, with her drug smuggler ex girlfriend Alex too.

This is one of those series that never gets boring. Piper is a woman in her thirties, engaged to a wonderful man and all of a sudden her life falls apart because of one stupid mistake she made years ago. What I love the most about this show, is that there's so much diversity in the characters and we get to know the other women in Litchfield and their background. Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix if I'm not mistaken, so I'm excited to watch it soon.

Breaking Bad
Walter White’s world collapses when he’s diagnosed with lung cancer. He gives up his job as a chemistry teacher and teams up with former student Jesse Pinkman to cook crystal meth, so he can collect money to secure his family’s future. Having turned to a life of crime, Walter develops into a manipulative, selfish drug baron going by the name of Heisenberg who will do anything to have his way. 

This show… I can’t begin to explain how good it is. The storyline is so captivating, it never gets boring. The character development of all main characters is also really interesting. If you’re still looking for a great series to watch, this is it.

The Carrie Diaries 
The Carrie Diaries is a prequel series to Sex and the City. We meet Carrie Bradshaw as a 15-year-old high school student and see how she takes her first steps to becoming a writer. 

This is a typical teen girl series, which usually isn’t the kind of show I’d like, but I actually really enjoyed it. So far I’ve only watched the first season, and I’m really curious for the next! AnnaSophia Robb (who plays Carrie Bradshaw) seems like such a sweet, witty girl who I remembered from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I loved her in Bridge to Terabithia.

American Horror Story
This horror series is quite different than others, as it tells a completely new concept (i.e. different characters and storyline) each season. There’s Murder House, Asylum and Coven, and the fourth season Freak Show starts in October. The first and second season were genius, but to be honest, I am not looking forward to Freak Show at all, haha. I hope it won't be full of clowns because that’s just terrifying!

Have you seen any of these series?

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  1. Ik heb geen van alle gezien behalve american horror stories af en toe. Maar dat is ook niks voor mij ;P Doe voor mij maar een paar goede misdaadseries :)

  2. ik vond het laatste seizoen van himym echt afschuwelijk, nog nooit zo iets slechts gezien :p

    1. Haha oei, da's al een stuk negatiever dan ik het probeerde te verwoorden :D ja 't was m'n ding niet, ik weet ook niet hoe ze 't gedaan hebben vergeleken met de seizoenen ervoor die eigenlijk allemaal geweldig waren

  3. The Carrie Diaries en American Horror Stories zijn echt zalig! En Orange Is The New Black moet ik ook precies eens dringend gaan kijken! ;)

    1. Orange Is The New Black is zeker een aanrader! Ik wist eigenlijk niet goed wat te verwachten toen ik begon te kijken, maar het is zooo'n cool programma :)

  4. The Carrie Diaries heb ik geprobeerd en vond ik maar niks. Te jong voor mij denk ik. How I Met Your Mother vind ik dan weer geweldig :-) Heb op het vliegtuig terug van Japan (14 uur, oh help) het hele achtste seizoen gekeken.

    1. Auwch, 14 uur klinkt als een eeuwigheid. HIMYM is inderdaad geweldig! :D

  5. American Horror Story is my favortie

  6. Breaking bad is echt geweldig <3


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