12 September 2014


Rewind to March when I went on a shopping trip to Eindhoven (I feel like I've reached a whole new level of procrastination with this review). While Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser was and is still my number one cleanser, I felt like my skin needed something more effective on days that I was wearing a lot of makeup. When I stumbled upon this large bottle of Purity Made Simple, a multi-purpose facial cleanser by Philosophy, I decided to give it a go.

Purity Made Simple is a 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes: it removes makeup, cleanses and hydrates skin in one formula. It should be suitable for sensitive skin, however keep in mind that the product is pretty heavily fragrancedThe scent is sweet, sort of citrusy. I've read mixed reviews by people who got bad breakouts after using this cleanser, but also bloggers praising it as their favourite makeup remover. Personally I haven't noticed any irritation after 5 months of using it. The formula is runny, and at the same time sticky too. I'm so glad for the flip-cap because it allows you to dispense just as much product as neededI always use a micellar water & remove my eye makeup first, so I'm guessing there's about 50% of my makeup left by the time I use the Purity cleanser. I'll massage the product all over my face and add a tiny bit of water about a minute in. Then I remove the residue with a soaked face cloth. As the brand promises, Purity cleanses my skin thoroughly. It is mild and my skin never feels tight afterwards. I still use a toner - force of habit - because it feels refreshing, and a moisturizer afterwards. Like I said, I do use another makeup remover for my eye makeup, but that's because my eyes are very sensitive so I avoid using too many different products on them.

To sum up, for me the Purity Made Simple cleanser is a product I enjoy using. It removes all makeup and doesn't irritate my skin. However, I do still use other moisturizing products because my skin needs extra hydrating, especially with the different climate here in Finland. One thing to consider before buying this is that it contains a lot of perfume, so if your skin reacts to those ingredients, it might be a good idea for you to try the sample version first. For those interested, the Purity Made Simple cleanser also comes in a very large bottle of 240 ml, which I have here, for about 20 euros. That may seem like a lot of money but this amount will last you a long time because you'll need little product with every use.

4 September 2014


 photo mac-pro-longwear-concealer_zps91b6be4c.jpg

I am one of those people who's been blessed with dark undereye circles from a young age. Sometimes they get a bit out of control and they turn all shades of purple and blue. No big deal - although it's nice to know which products can help make them less obvious (this picture never fails to make me laugh). The Pro Longwear concealer by MAC Cosmetics does a pretty good job at hiding those dark circles.

The bottle of Pro Longwear concealer you see above is in the shade NW15. Normally I'd have to go for products with yellow undertones to match my skin tone, but to get rid of the blue/purpleish pigment around my eyes, a concealer with pink undertones is a better option. This is heavy duty, full-coverage stuff. On top of foundation it cancels out pretty much all blue/purpleness and worn on its own it's awesome too. At the moment NW15 is a bit too light for me, however I like that it brightens the undereye area. I apply a tiny amount in a reverse-triangle shape and then I pat the product into my skin using a Zoeva Concealer Buffer brush or my fingers. Thanks to the runny consistency, you'll only need to apply a very thin layer and build up where needed. It's important to do this carefully, because like with other base products, it will be noticeable if you've put too much on. It takes a few minutes for the concealer to set, which should be long enough to blend.

Whereas the product is easy to work with, I did struggle with the packaging for a while. The small bottle looks sleek and nice, but the pump it comes with is nothing but trouble. It dispenses enough to use on several people rather than one; obviously that's too much, which means a lot of the product goes to waste. After months of having the Pro Longwear concealer, I still hope for the MAC gods to be in my favour each time I'm about to use it. For a long time I stored the leftover product in a sample jar and used it up the next day, but the consistency just wasn't the same. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the better concealers I've tried for the undereye area, but that pump makes me sad. From what I've heard, everyone hates the pump. So please, MAC, hear our prayers and do something about the packaging!

29 August 2014


 photo modest-mix-carry-on-luggage-cosmetics_zpsd0ba6c09.jpg

By the time you're reading this I am probably on my way to Finland for the beginning of my Erasmus adventure! The past months many bloggers shared the contents of their in-flight beauty bag. I enjoyed reading this kind of blog post so much, so I thought it might be fun to show you mine. Now, we'll only be flying for 4 hours in total, I didn't want to exaggerate and bring too much stuff. But since we're going to be travelling all day, it's nice to have a small selection of products within reach which I use on a day-to-day basis anyway.

 photo modest-mix-carry-on-luggage-cosmetics-5_zpsb5d99870.jpg

I brought makeup remover wipes mostly to freshen up through the day. I'm wearing the tiniest amount of makeup today, but as soon as we get on the plane, all makeup is coming off. To keep my skin hydrated, I have a sample sized Caudalie Moisturizing Cream Mask and my beloved HydrĂ©ane moisturizer by La Roche-Posay. I also brought some hand products: a mini hand sanitizer and another favourite of mine, this rose and vanilla scented hand cream from & Other Stories that comes in the cutest packaging. Finally, some obvious travel essentials are toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush my teeth inbetween flights, deodorant and a hair band.

 photo modest-mix-carry-on-luggage-cosmetics-3_zpseb9c48b7.jpg

For makeup I chose to take as little as possible in my carry-on bag - although I did throw in the Clarins Lip Perfector last-minute. The Honeymania lip balm from The Body Shop is super hydrating, which makes it a must-have for travelling. I also have eyelash curlers, mascara and a creamy concealer to apply after arriving at our destination. Mascara and concealer are the two products I'll use if I need to look semi-decent in under 5 minutes. The rest of my makeup is in my other suitcase, so it's nice to have a few basics at hand for when we set foot on Finnish grounds!

21 August 2014


Let's talk nail care. It surprised me that I rarely talk about nail care on here, yet it's something I enjoy taking time for. I wouldn't say I have the healthiest nails, nor do I know the right tools or techniques to care for nails/hands. I just love that 'me-time' a few days a week where I prep my nails for a coat of colour. These are the tools I'll use:

Nail clippers- Depending on the shape of your nails a file isn't always that easy. That's why I use these nail clippers to clean up the sides of my nails - in the long term there's a chance the nail will grow into the skin if you don't - and get them to the same length before I file them into the shape I want.
Nail file- Glass or crystal nail files are my favourite. First of all they're gentler on your nails than metal or sandpaper nail files and you can wash them after each use too, which makes glass/crystal the more hygienic option.
Cuticle pusher- I use an acrylic tool to clean up my cuticles. The red tip is a flexible, silicone material that's not too harsh on the skin.
Hand & cuticle cream- Gotta keep those hands nice and moisturized! Massaging a cream or oil into your cuticles once a day will keep them soft and supple. For me it also results in better-looking cuticles because they're easier to push back. Lately I've been using Punk Bouquet from & Other Stories or the Shea hand cream from L'Occitane.
Nail strenghtener- A good tip would be not to overdo it with this step. A while back I tried this nail strenghtener/base coat hybrid from Rimmel in the hope of improving the condition of my nails... Until they started breaking, one after the other. Apparently too many nail strenghtening products and little hand cream = your nails get too dry, which causes them to break. I decided to skip the Rimmel polish more often and focus on keeping my nails healthy. Long story short: A 'normal' base coat will do too!
Clear top coat- To top off a manicure and to make the nail polish you applied last longer. The top coat pictured is Essie's No Chips Ahead.

Like I said, I will apply hand cream every day and massage the product on my cuticles if I remember to, but besides this routine that's pretty much it!